Andalite filth!

I was not beaten by you. Never by you.

Esplin 9466 Primary
25 June 1966
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The AbominationMy name is Esplin 9466. Formerly Visser Three. Visser One. Leader of the Yeerk invasion of Earth. The only Yeerk in history to claim an Andalite host. All of that stripped from me.
The InvasionThe YeerkThe VisserThe CodeDefeated not by my enemies, but my own treasonous underlings, I was condemned to the mercy of humans.
Sentenced to a lifetime in my natural form, blind and helpless.

But I, like my security chief, acquired the morphing power for my own Yeerk body.
And now I am free.
Stripped of my rank, my host, my morphs.
But free.

Free to exact my revenge against this miserable planet and the human children called 'Animorphs' who caused me such trouble.

[Canon point is #54: The Beginning.]